RAY=RAE=Renewable Alternative Energy

6BC Botanical Garden Project

Begun in 1996, completed in 2007

The 6BC Botanical Garden solar powered waterfall was the beginning of the solar electric system at 6BC. Diana Kline, in 1994, president of the garden from 1994 until 2003, and other members of the garden wanted a pond and waterfall, and had the idea of using solar electricity. Tracy Fitz, a member as well began learning about solar and eventually installed the first solar module in 1996, direct to a pump for the waterfall. After several pond and waterfall redesigns the current Koi Pond was completed in 1998. Along with the library as an extension of the toolshed, and the new koi viewing deck, the solar electric installation was expanded as well.
The project was near completion in 2000, when a (non electrical) fire occurred. Much of the work had to be redone. A solar shed was added to the toolshed, to house the batteries and other electrical equipment.
The final touches on the solar were made in fall of 2007 with the help of a brother of a member...a solar engineer from Chile.

The solar electric system consists of four 64 watt Unisolar solar modules on the arbor (which was built in 1980 by community gardeners and Lenny Librizzi of the Green Gorillas) and two more on top of the library (finished in 2008.)
There are five 120 Amp hour 12 volt batteries, a 30 amp charge controller and various shut offs and fusesfor the equipment and lighting.
The electricity generated by the .384KWH system powers a pond pump,
lights, and charges various DC equipment.

6BC RAY Slide show.
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